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If you are an IT company, commercial real estate agent or anyone really who deals with a lot of businesses on a regular basis, then this is for you: Simply refer our world class VoIP based hosted phone system and you receive 10% commissions on the entire phone bill FOR AS LONG AS THE CLIENT STAYS WITH US! How does it work?

01. Sign up

Use the form below or call us on 02 8188 7557 to enquire for signup. We require your company details and ABN to register you, that’s it. We give you an agent code that is unique to you.

02. Refer clients

We supply you with our business cards, flyers or other promotional items. You simply email us the company name, contact person and email of the person you referred. And let us know if we can contact them or not!

03. Earn 10%

Once the client signs up, we will match their account with your lead submission and you receive 10% of their entire phone bill for the life of the account! We pay you quarterly, no questions asked and we won’t tell them 😉

Who are we? is a leading B2B VoIP service provider delivering the latest technology and benefits of hosted phone systems to the SME without the cost or a headache.

Whether you are a smaller owner-operator or a larger multisite business, has a service solution that suits you. We provide hosted telecoms solutions to startups, growing businesses or those who just want to take advantage of the cost and benefit rewards of VoIP technology. Our pay as you go, no contract solutions are specifically designed to be simple and business friendly.

Our vision is to become the leading service provider for VoIP communications. We hope to achieve this by offering the latest enterprise technology and the best possible service.

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ section answers some common questions about the agent program in detail. For more info about the actual product offering, please see faqs.

Do I have to refer new clients all the time?

No. Reasonably, we would hope that you bring in a new lead at least every quarter, however there is no set minimum for referals. We have a “5 years Bahamas Clause” (i.e. if you go fishing in the Bahamas for more than 5 years and we dont hear from you, then we assume you are out of business).

Will the client know of my commission?

No, unless you tell them. We won’t, ever! Hence we have a dedicated page what is not google indexed and there is no link from our main page to this page!

Where is your service located?

Our redundant HP servers are hosted at Equinix SY1 in Mascot, Sydney NSW. All our operations run from Northmead in Sydney NSW. We have staff and contractors for the phone installations in all capital cities.

Who is the carrier?

The wholesale end is supplied by Symbio and iVox Australias largest VoIP services provider.

Is this a whitelabel system?

No. is the telecommunications company your clients will end up using so there is no confusion between your current services and ours.

Do we have to do enduser support?

No. You should focus on your core business and not have the hassle to deal with end user issues on the phone front.

Can I switch away from you?

Yes, we have no contracts. If you or your clients do not like our product, you are free to move on. All ported in numbers can be ported out from us.

Do I get 10% of the entire phone bill?

You receive 10% of the base fee and all phone calls. Other items which may be invoiced, i.e. porting fees or phone purchases are not part of the commissions as there is no margin. These are once off items though. The ongoing base fee and all calls are your commissions cake, forever.

Do I need an ABN?

Yes, for the purpose of the commission payments, we need an ABN to process the commission payments.

Does the commission include GST?

Yes, it does. We pay to any nominated bank account, but be aware that the payments include GST.