Features & Rates


All plans include the complete PBX feature set as well as the lines and extensions as per plan chose

No contracts

We make a point of having no contracts – EVER! Don’t worry about being locked in

Conference Call

Advanced Conference Call Facilities with up to 5 rooms included

Port Your Number

Port and own your current Phone Number(s) (once off charges apply)

SMS Alerts

10 cents per SMS

IVR Menus

Press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts, etc…

Custom Hold Music

Customise your music for hold

Using VOIP via the computer

Call rates

  • 10 cents untimed to all Australian landlines (local and STD)
  • Mobile rates as per plan, no flagfall, charged by the second
  • Fax to email 20 cents per incoming fax (not page)
  • 25 cents untimed to 1300 numbers
  • 1800 calls are free
  • 1900 numbers are blocked
  • Low International Rates (these change often, enquire for specific countries)